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About 11:11 Vital Juicery

Our Body has 11 main organ systems that help in the smooth functioning of the human body. Bringing about a healthy change in our lifestyle can drastically improve the functioning of these vital organs in turn resulting in a healthy mind, spirit and body.
The main agenda is to make nutritious and healthy eating more accessible. This will positively impact the daily routine of the consumers. Ultimately our purpose is to facilitate a wholesome lifestyle by adding fruits and vegetables into regular diet, the benefits of which are often not recognized by several individuals due to their pre-occupied lifestyle despite its emphasis in popular media. To add fruits and vegetables into our diet in some form is extremely important which is why we have come up with juices and smoothies that will take over the responsibilities of providing you with these essential benefits.
Given that our products are 100% natural with fresh ingredients and organic produce, it is unprocessed with no added preservatives or flavourings. Hence our juices, nut milks & shots come with a shelf life guarantee of 72hours when refrigerated at 0 – 40 Celsius and the smoothie chakras hold a 30 days shelf life if kept in the freezer.
Our efforts remain to keep the products 100% organic all year round but certain fruits or vegetables are seasonal so for those we do have seasonal organic cold press juices. However, we go to great length to source organic ingredients for all the products but there are rare occasions on which we absolutely cannot get an ingredient in its organic form. We diligently try to avoid this scenario so that we can keep our products completely clean 100% of the time.
At our juicery if any product has been sweetened, its has been done utilizing only dates or date syrup. Absolutely NO form of sugar or even honey is used whatsoever.
All of our products are 100% non GMO.
No preservatives or artificial sweeteners are used in any capacity.

The Juice Cleanse

Cold press juices ensure richer quality and assures purity. This means that the juice is completely made from the said fruit or vegetable, resulting in a smooth, pure and pulp free product. It also contains high nutritional value as it yields 4x more nutrients than other any other method. Most importantly it guarantees a vibrant and better taste through enzymes retention.
Our juices are produced using the highest quality juice press available in the market, as opposed to a normal “centrifugal” juicer which takes a whole fruit or vegetable and squeezes out the juice. A hydraulic press actually grinds the produce wholly into a fine pulp, following which it applies thousands of pounds of pressure to this pulp, extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable can possibly yield. This results in nutritious and smooth-tasting juices. The gentle pressing action allows for little to no air to be introduced into the juice, because of which this each bottle can be kept in sealed and refrigerated in containers for up to 3 days with little to no loss of taste.
Yes, all of our juices are customizable!
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not restrict your diet to liquids, as you need extra calories and nutrients in your diet. Our products are designed for all kinds of people, whether you’re already leading a healthy lifestyle or if you’re looking to start leading one. All you need to do is consult your health care professionals to know if our drink is the right one for you. And since we already customize juices best suitable to the requirements of the consumer, any changes recommended by your dieticians can easily be accommodated.
It is advised that you avoid carbonated drinks as it is important to ease in, so it’s highly recommended that in the days leading up to your cleanse, you cut out alcohol, processed foods, excess salt, sugar and coffee. If possible, avoid these completely the day before your cleanse. However, Water with lemon and herbal teas are recommended. You can add an extra juice from our shop to keep on hand for emergencies.
This is a personal decision that should be discussed with a healthcare professional. Many people like to cleanse whenever they start to feel seasonal health challenges. Consuming the nutrients in our fresh-pressed drinks on a regular basis will support your system and keep your body in optimal shape, inside and out. So it is not necessary that you consume our drinks only when you face a health challenge. You can consume it just to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.
It is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare professional in this case.
Yes, you are free to build your own cleanse according to your convenience.
Each of the juices made for you is prepared on the same day you that you receive them on. Upon doorstep delivery make sure the juice is Refrigerated at 0 to 4 degree Celsius.
It’s important that you ease out of the cleanse as smoothly as you eased into it. It’s not recommended to put too much stress on your digestive system immediately after a cleanse. Therefore, keep your first meals hydrating and light, such as soups and salads. Be sure to re-introduce heavier foods slowly and gradually.


The 11:11 chakra is a blender free formula of frozen smoothie which has plenty of delicate superfoods, fruits, vegetables, protein and other essential nutrients all conduced into one chakra. It is completely plant based and has no added sugars or preservatives.
It’s a very simple 2 step process. To begin with pop the chakras in a glass, shaker or jar filled with your preferred choice of liquid, either water or any variant of milk. Wait for about 15-20 mins. Shake/stir and its ready to drink.
The choice is completely yours. If you prefer a runny texture, then it is recommended that you opt for water. However, for a creamier texture you can chose the 11.11 nut mylk, or any milk, plant based mylk, juices of your choice.
Yes, please make sure that the chakras are kept in the freezer within a few minutes of delivery.
Blast freezing helps seal the goodness and keeping the flavors fresh. All of this while keeping intact the quality and provision of vitamins and minerals. We try to keep the manufacturing as frequent as possible to assure the freshness.
We strictly use only natural sweeteners like dates or dates syrup. Absolutely No sugar is used in any form whatsoever. This is one of the biggest reasons we pride ourselves as nutritious and healthy.
Some of your cubes might have snow on them because moisture from the cube has risen to the surface resulting in the formation of tiny beautiful icy snowflakes. This does not affect the flavor in any way and your cubes will still taste as delicious as ever.
Since it has no added sugar or preservatives and is dairy free, gluten free. It is very much safe and healthy for children to consume.
Absolutely, but you can consult with your doctor incase you’re worried.
Yes! We aim to audit all our fruit suppliers each year to assure that they are completely GMO free.

Delivery & Subscription

  • Monday (7.30am to 8.30am)

  • Wednesday (7.30am to 8.30 am)

  • Friday(7.30am to 8.30am)

  • Saturday (7.30 to 8.30):will be delivered if subscribed for 6day cleanse

  • 1 day or 2 day cleanse will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 3 day cleanse will be subscribed on (Monday, Wednesday)

  • 5 day cleanse & 6 day cleanse will be scheduled on Monday
  • Absolutely! We like to think of ourselves as the modern (dairy-free!) milkman. We are here to bring fresh drinks straight to your doorstep as often as you would like. In order to make it easy on you, we provide packages (please see our products section) which allow you to set up multiple deliveries each week for a set price. We love to see our clients make fresh pressed juices and drinks a regular part of their life.
    Yes. You can customize the frequency of your subscription to your convenience. Just be sure to place the order 48hours in advance and you will receive it to your doorstep.
    Order should be placed 48 hours in advance and then delivery will be made will be made within 48 hours after the order placed


    Yes, our bottles are eco-friendly and we recommend that you recycle the bottle once consumed. We also recycle the byproduct from our juices which gets sent out for composting.
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