This concoction of apple, carrot, beetroot, cacao and caraway is the perfect choice to keep your heart, small intestine and spleen in perfect condition. Raw cacao is a natural mood elevator and contains 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. This drink is ideal for digestion, blood pressure and heart health.

Taste Preference

  • Normal:¬†Juices will be little sweet with Fruits 50% & veggies 50% fruits
  • Strong:¬†Juices will be little sour with 80% Veggies & 20% fruits.

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Water / Moisture - 250.56Vitamin C (mg) - 14.44
Energy (K cals) - 166.32Vitamin K1 (mcg) - 24.77
Carbohydrates (g) - 34.17Calcium - 8.4
Protein - 1.1Magnesium (mg) - 4.2
Dietary Fibre (g) - 10.09Potassium (mg)- 82.3
Fats - 0.7Sodium(mg) - 1.1
Vitamin B9 (mcg) - 32.2Total Carotenoids (mcg) -10933.9

**All our products are in its natural form and does not contain any form of preservatives or artificial flavouring and it is recommended to immediately refrigerate our juices right after you receive them. Separation and settling is normal and you have to shake it before consumption.**

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