Best Juices for Your Kidney Cleanse

What you eat and drink throughout your day can make or break how well your vital organs function. One such vital organ is the kidney – it is a set of two organs located on either side of your spine, with an importance much larger than its small size conveys. Therefore, it becomes very important to consume foods and juices that cleanse the kidney to keep it healthy and fit.

Why should you cleanse your kidney?

Your kidney has four main functions, which include getting rid of excess water in your body, cleansing your blood, balancing your electrolytes, and creating hormones. It works relentlessly to remove toxins and wastes from the body. Over time, or in case it is unable to do so, these toxins will build up and hinder the normal functioning of more than just your kidney – they affect the liver, intestines, immune system, and more.

Toxin build-up exhibits itself in the form of various symptoms, such as exhaustion, stomach pain, headaches, water retention, and many other problems. A toxin and waste build up may also result in kidney stones – a mass of crystals or unprocessed minerals. The stones vary in size – from small crystals to the size of golf balls. The symptoms for kidney stones include:

  • Excessive lower abdominal, or urinary tract pain
  • Severe vomiting or nausea
  • Persistent urge to pass urine
  • Chronic sweating or chills

In order to avoid these issues, one must take care to regularly cleanse their kidney to maintain its health.

The main benefit of cleansing one’s kidney is improving your kidney’s overall functioning. Its ability to process food, absorb nutrients, and thereby produce energy to prevent fatigue is boosted. Bloating is reduced, skin breakouts are prevented, and any potential risk for infection and bladder problems are mitigated.

What are the best drinks to cleanse the kidney?

Here are our recommendations for juices that cleanse the kidney , and can help support its better functioning.

Carrot juice

For juices that cleanse the kidney, carrot juice has been time and again proven to be one of the most effective ones. Research has shown that drinking 2 glasses a day of carrot juice provides strong antioxidant effects. Used as a kidney cleanse juice and food, various animal studies have shown that carrot roots help protect the kidney and have also helped prevent kidney damage.

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, which help in reducing inflammation and stress on the kidney. They also have strong potassium content, which helps in regulating blood pressure and causing any further stress on the kidney. Carrot juice also contains compounds that prevent the formation of kidney stones and promote proper urinary flow. Regular consumption of carrot juice fortifies the body with many essential nutrients.

Carrots and carrot juice have many benefits that one gains upon consumption, which extend far beyond the kidney. Not only does it help with optimal functioning of the kidney, but it is also beneficial for eye, heart, and oral health, cleanses your liver, increases metabolism, reduces risks of cancer, and is the secret to glowing skin!

Gut Reboot


This kidney cleanse juice is one of the most trusted ways to improve your overall health and wellness. A gut cleanse boosts your gut’s ability to detoxify harmful substances and also aids in its ability to digest good. There are three main components to a gut cleanse, which involve elimination, flushing, and replenishing.

But this kidney cleanse juice cannot be used as a one-time fix – it is essential that a gut cleanse is used at regular intervals. Gut Reboot can guarantee that you feel fresher once the impurities have been cleared out from your system, as your body is welcoming healthier foods, beneficial probiotic bacteria, and a smoother digestion process – it’s a package deal! We offer taste preferences of ‘normal’, where the juices are a little sweet, made up of 50% fruits, and 50% vegetables, and ‘strong’, where the juices are a little sour, with 80% veggies, and 20% fruit.

Sugar Detox

Most recent juices that cleanse the kidney often rely on fasting and calorie restriction to come into effect. This isn’t the healthiest approach to it. The main aim of this kidney cleanse juice is to keep the body well fed and hydrated at all times, while detoxing the body of sugar.

Sugar is not a problem for the kidney unless the blood sugar level gets too high, but one can always benefit from a sugar detox – especially those at risk for diabetes. Sugar feeds bad bacteria, and almost imbalances many aspects of the body like blood sugar, hormones, mood, and energy levels. It also suppresses the immune system. Our juices that cleanse the kidney focus on being nutritious, rich, and tasty without any additional sweeteners. We offer taste preferences of ‘normal’, where the juices are a little sweet, made up of 50% fruits, and 50% vegetables, and ‘strong’, where the juices are a little sour, with 80% veggies, and 20% fruit.


In short, our products will be your partners on your journey to a fitter, healthier self. Taking you and your preferences into consideration, we guarantee you a nutritious, delicious, and enjoyable time with us!